21K Your Way


Each month of 2021 you can register to complete a 21k done YOUR WAY!!


CHALLENGE: Complete a 21k (13.04 miles) in a month! You get to do it your way!
**Walking & Running you will count your miles completed. For all other activities 20min = 1 mile.


RECORDING: For January to keep track of your miles you will need to record them in a fitness tracker of your choice. Upon completion you will need to provide a printed copy as proof. If you do not use any fitness trackers you can record your miles on a paper and turn in once completed. *This is on a trust policy, the only one hurt if you don't do your miles is you.*


$25 upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion & a t-shirt with the January logo.


AGES: All!!


Register by the 15th of each month. The earlier you register the more time you have to complete your 21k. *Your 21k must be completed in the month for which you registered.*


PRIZES & LOGO: The logo for the 21k will change each month so you can participate ALL YEAR LONG!! Some prizes will change monthly, some will not.