Life Coach Marci Hawkinson

Stop People-Pleasing with Healthy Boundaries

Thursday, October 19th

Whether it's family, friends, the job or all the extras - we sacrifice personal needs and lose ourselves if we don't say no often enough. Learning how to set healthy boundaries and then doing the hardest part of honoring them is actually a kinder way to navigate relationships and creates a healthier version of you, which benefits everyone! If you say yes or let others have their way all too often - see you in class.


Calm the Holiday Chaos Ahead

Tuesday, November 14th

If you find yourself already dreading the looming holiday season, know that it doesn't have to be full of chaos! We'll talk about how to reign in unrealistic expectations, long to-do lists, and overcommitment. You'll decide what is really important and develop a plan to execute with ease. Proactively set yourself up for a peaceful holiday season of happy memories and relaxation - see you in class.


Invest in yourself! Come spend time with Cerified Life Coach Marci Hawkinson. There will be a presentation, followed by group coaching on each class topic. Walk away with some fresh ideas and a new mind-set!
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Fee: $20 per class
Instructor: Marci Hawkinson
Location: NRC Sunflower Room
Registration Deadline: Monday prior to each class
Minimum Enrollment: 10
Note: Please bring a journal and pen. If you have further questions on a specific class, please e-mail Marci Hawkinson at