Personal Training

At the initial Personal Training assesment, clients are asked their personal fitness goals; what activities they enjoy, time willing to utilize for their sessions, number of sessions per week, barriers to adhering to an improved health & fitness journey, etc. During sessions, clients can expect to be introduced to a variety of options tailored to their personal comfort level and chosen time commitments when designing their journey. Clients do not need to be Wellness Center members. Fitness plans may be designed for out of gym experience if desired.

Set Acheivable Goals!

Personal trainers want to help you reach your ultimate goals by setting and achieving smaller ones along the way. We want you to feel confident about your body and be comfortable with your movement. Personal Training is a perfect next step when transitioning from physical therapy to a custom-tailored exercise plan.

Scheduling Sessions

Personal training sessions are available by appointment by calling the Newton Recreation Commission at (316) 283-7330, asking for the Wellness Center. Please leave a voicemail for Tracie Strain, Wellness Director, or leave a message with wellness staff, or email 

Tracie Strain
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Tracie is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer with over 25 years of experience.

$35- 1st Session;
$30 Additional Sessions;
$80 - Six 30 Minute Sessions **Prerequiste of Wellnes Center Member or may purchase package after participating in the 1st session**

30 Minute Sessions
Group Sessions (2 Persons per Session) with similar fitness goals & levels
**On-going clients recieve reduced rates.**